Разрешение судебных споров

Our company has a long and successful experience of representing clients in commercial, civil and administrative cases. Our lawyers provide effective legal support litigation in the first, appellate and cassation.

LF “L.I.Group” successfully represents the interests of the largest banks of Ukraine on debt collection, foreclosure mortgage, recognition of property rights and protect the interests of banks against the recognition of credit and mortgage agreements void. In addition, the company’s lawyers have special knowledge on support filing for bankruptcy procedures. The result of which is always a repayment claims. Today we accompany cases of debt recovery for banks worth more than 1 billion USD.

Our company protects businesses against hostile takeover. Properly chosen strategy and successful legal position is capable of reaching a positive result even in hopeless cases.

Our Company values ??its customers and always sets to a positive outcome.

LC“L.IGroup” differs from other law companies that payment customers services performed only on condition of achieving positive results, ie payment based on the principle “success fee”.