The element of water

“The unrestrained striving for victories over oneself, and the desire to overcome the fear of the power and inevitability of natural elements are the qualities inherent to adventurous and strong personalities. The water sports not only give a genuine feeling of happiness, but also teach the discipline, dedication, firmness of intent, which are badly needed for a man to achieve the goal”, says the Ukrainian Lawyer. Our colleagues also deftly master the element of water. Read the comments of L.I. GROUP lawyers in this release.


Author: Violetta Loban
Media: Ukrainian Lawyer magazine, No. 7-8 (151-152), July-August 2015.
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Taming the waves
Mykola KOVALCHUK, managing partner of L.I. GROUP law firm:

This summer, the best kind of water sports for me was the surfing. Being on vacation in the Dominican Republic, I first got on board without a sail. My friends and I used to prefer the windsurfing, i.e. riding on the board under a sail around the world and here, in Ukraine. Therefore, it was easier for me to master surfing, especially because the Dominican waves are remarkable for their stability and durability, and the water is quite warm and pleasant. All this provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy your rest. There are many good surf spots there, the correct choice of which is a pledge of good rest, because if the wave is too big and sharp, not corresponding to the surfer’s level, it will carry you away in a moment and may permanently discourage standing on the board. However, if the matter is approached intelligently, surfing teaches the person to assess its strengths adequately, to release stress, and to find a balance, and, eventually, we got incredible fun competing in taming the waves.

Colorize your rest
Volodymyr YURCHENKO, lawyer of L.I. GROUP law firm:

Windsurfing is a board with a sail, a sea, or a lake, the wind power and you. This sport is extremely exciting and immediately pulls you into the sea. The basis of this sailing sport is the ability to manage a small-sized light board on the water surface. The board is driven by inclining the sail mast, and upon planing, you need to tilt the board from board to board. In order to drive the board confidently and sail, you need to practice a lot and fall down a thousand of times. However, if you are “caught”, you will stand up on the board again. To hone your skills and manage a sail with the area of six square meters, a considerable physical strength is required, because the stronger the wind, the greater is the load. This dynamic and exciting sport colorized your rest, and you are guaranteed an unforgettable experience.